About Every Mama

The Mama Bracelet was lovingly designed to help the new nursing Mama remember which side she last fed her baby upon. It was also designed to be worn long into life as a Mama, a sweet reminder of who you became, who you now are, and who you always will be, someones Mama.

As a Mama myself I’ve lived and felt the struggles of breastfeeding the newborn and trying to keep track of everything. I remember searching for a nursing reminder product that was simple enough to use and stylish enough to wear throughout my day. I never came across a product that fit these requirements. So, I decided to design one for myself! For over two years I researched, and doodled, and developed a bracelet that I would wear and that I knew other Mamas would wear too. 

What I came up with is a simple, elegant, and stylish cuff bracelet. The cuff design is thin and graceful and fully adjustable to fit and flatter every wrist. The sides are thin and dainty and extend to the top of the bracelet where it widens to where the word “Mama” is subtly engraved. The material is high quality 925 sterling silver which is naturally hypoallergenic so neither you nor your baby need worry about sensitive skin. The gold is sterling silver with 18K gold fill with a micron plating for extra strength and shine. 

The Mama Bracelet will:

  • Help you enjoy the medical and emotional benefits of switching sides while nursing 
  • Keep the focus on your baby’s precious new moments and reduce nursing frustrations. 
  • Help you build and sustain milk supply by switching sides.
  • Help your new baby by evenly strengthening cranial sacral, neck muscles and vision by switching sides
  • Remind you forever of who you have become, now are, and always will be. Someone’s mama.
  • Makes a lasting gift for all mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and every mama who has traveled this path. 
  • Makes a sweet baby shower gift. 

The Mama Bracelet was made with Every Mama in mind. It is about the love and connection a Mama has for her baby from newborn through life.