Every Mama

Silver cuff bracelet

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Product Details:  Elegant, simple, and functional, the Every Mama reminder bracelet can easily be switched from wrist to wrist to help remind you which breast was last nursed on. Stylish and comfortable to wear while nursing and timeless enough to wear throughout your life as a Mama. A sweet reminder of who you became, who you now are, and who you always will be, someone’s Mama. 

The Mama Bracelet is made of high quality 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is a naturally hypoallergenic precious metal safe for you and your baby's sensitive skin. Sterling silver is a ideal for Every Mama to wear every day. 

Styling Tip: Mix or match metals. Wear one, two, or more Mama Bracelets to remember each child by.  

The perfect gift to celebrate being a Mama! Or a special gift for that favorite Mama in your life!

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